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2003 Projects and Savings Issues

  • Moved invoices to CLUB account to receive volume discounts
  • Bellsouth missed a Volume &Term credit payment which saved $1,100
    • Ended up fighting to get credit after Bellsouth unapproved amount because they claimed they overpaid previous credits
  • Continued to fight for and receive past credits on disconnects ($1,673)
  • Identified erroneous charges for non-******** employees on Bellsouth invoices which saved $845
  • Identified non-verified charges on invoices which saved $528
  • Identified usage sensitive services that were reduced which saved $6,216
  • Corrected GulfTel long distance database of ******** ANIs which saved $473
  • Recommended using T1 to access ***** Street location which saved $8,443
  • Identified 2 OPX circuits not needed at ***** location which saved $3,294
  • Received a credit of $2,864.87 for over billed taxes
  • Helped to supply information to Regulatory Officials
  • Identified savings opportunity in GulfTel areas which can save $3,080
  • Identified ACS issues to address with new LD rates which will save $1,200
  • Proposed idea of a Centrex solution for ******* locations which saves $47,225 when coupled with long distance savings on same proposal
  • Created RFPs for local service and long distance and worked with several different vendors to benchmark rates among competitors
  • Helped in contract proposals for local service and long distance to achieve best market rates for similarly situated companies
    • Bellsouth botched their identification of ********ís local service inventory and we had to correct their information several times to accurately reflect savings amounts for PBX justification


Going forward in 2004:

  • Expanded processing of invoices as continued centralized consolidation of back office functions progresses
  • Data network contracts are up next year and we have to evaluate new technologies for network connections
    • VPNs, VoIP solutions, IP access solutions
    • RFPs to benchmark rates among vendors
  • Continued identification of erroneous billing
  • Evaluation and savings opportunities in newly acquired banks
  • Due diligences on Disaster Recovery issues facing ********
  • Regulatory compliance by documentation



Total Savings Identified Through 18 Month ******** and EB&A Partnership = $252,740.00†††† or††† R.O.I. of 1023%

      • Does not include savings from EB&A processing of invoices for ********
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