"We improved our customer satisfaction levels by implementing the recommendations made by EBA for our call center. We also reduced our monthly telephone bills by changing both technologies and vendors. Their continued involvement with us insures that the savings are not lost."
~ Deb Luker - Emperor Clock

"EBA handles all of our telecom services for us and acts as an important part of our management team. Having them as part of our extended infrastructure has saved us both in personnel cost as well as our monthly telecom overhead. They also oversaw the move of all our voice and data services to our new office including the wiring of both the telephone system and the local area network."
~ Anthony Beard - Precision IBC

"Waste Management has enjoyed a long-term successful relationship with EBA. The initial audit saved an incredible amount of monthly operating expense and their continued involvement has insured those savings are maintained. EBA's professional and ethical behavior has made working with them one of the best decisions I have made."
~ John Carmichael - Waste Management

"EBA saved us thousands of dollars when we purchased our new telephone system and then reduced our monthly telecom cost to the point that we were able to realize an 18-month return on investment. We continue to benefit from their service as our monthly telecom bills remain low and our telecom vendors very responsive to our needs."
~ J. B. Schelleci - Supreme Beverage

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